Bombadeer Studios

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Looking to Upgrade your Audio Experience?

Bombadeer Studios specializes in unique, high quality sounds and music that breath life into your project.

With over 6 years of industry experience in everything from mobile indie games to AAA titles in every genre imaginable, whatever your audio needs, we've got you covered.

What we can do for you:

  • Atmospheric ambiances
  • Explosive combat and spells
  • Satisfying UI
  • Bouncy iconic sounds for casual games
  • Terrifying (or adorable) creatures
  • Roaring engines
  • Vocal performance recording, editing, and manipulation
  • Mood-defining music

Take a listen for yourself to our Sound Effects and Music!

Got a question? Ready to go? Contact us!
Not so sure yet? See what other folks are saying about us:

"Bombadeer is fast, reliable and produces great quality audio. The sound effects were always spot on and I could focus on developing the game with one less issue to worry about." –Vesa, Nepik

"Bombadeer has got the complete package; amazingly talented and great work ethic. They think along, take ownership and simply do anything to make sure that whatever audio your project needs is the best it can be. I warmly recommend you to work with them." –Dennis Hettema, Head of Innovation

"Collaboration isn't always easy for indie devs but working with Bombadeer studios was great. Their level of professionalism and quality made my life easier. I will be returning for future audio services." –George, Wayward Terran Frontier

"Every realm in Brutal Legend has a specific set of sounds that sets them apart as unique and mystical places. It's worth turning off the music now and then just to listen to the incredibly emotive, well crafted environments that the world offers." –Greg Mengel, Gamers Guide To Life

"The work Bombadeer Studios produced for Liran's Lab was so well done, that I intend to utilize their exceptional abilities for all of my future sound related needs. Bombadeer Studios is awesome." –Jason, Entity Games

"Square Logic has a different soundscape that reflects each area you're in. It sounds almost like white noise, helping you concentrate on the task at hand without interfering with your thinking. It strikes a great balance of being hauntingly beautiful and minimal." –David Stone,

"Bombadeer Studios is, simply put, awesome beyond all measure. The sounds I have received from them are scary, epic, and far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!" –Thomas, Xardov

"[Noir Syndrome] features one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. ...It really gives you this film noir vibe which makes the game even better to play." –Ryan, Android Entity

"The first striking thing about [Noir Syndrome] is its soundtrack ... To say the least, this game is headphones-mandatory." –Melissa Parker, HardCoreDroid