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So, sorry to say it - but we don't have any openings right now.

While we always welcome casual conversation (we love to talk shop!) and networking is our lifeblood, we cannot really accept resumes or demo disks at this time. However, if you really love the cut of our jib and hope to one day combine power rings with us, then follow us on twitter and/or facebook! 
When openings someday are a thing that we have, that's where we'll be talking about them.

In the meantime, because we've been in your shoes, here's some general advice:

1) First off, make sure you look professional before talking to anyone - this means both your web-persona and your real self. Image is a super important first-impression, and as much as you want people to 'like you for you', taking time to make yourself presentable shows that you care about what they think and their interests. Again, this applies to how you present yourself online JUST AS MUCH - take the time to type full, proper sentences with correct spelling, and make sure your email addresses, facebook profiles, and such are appropriate as well.  

2) Have someone vaguely professional look over your resume and demo material, and follow their advice. Your resume should only ever be one page long, with a separate page of references available on request. You're giving them a succinct summary of your professional experience and qualities, not your entire life's story.

3) Take the same approach to your portfolio (and if you're in any sort of creative field, you should have a portfolio). A portfolio is not meant to be a complete gallery of all of your works - it is a summary that gives them the best of what you can do in a few short minutes. The best approach is to have one video (or page or what have you) showing a collection of material (like the video on our front page!) to give a brief overview and show that you're worth their time. From there, provide additional materials for them to peruse if they like your stuff and have the time (like the additional sample materials in our 'audio services' pages).

Next, once you have a nice professional (one page) resume and an exicting portfolio, send it to everyone ever who could possibly need to hire someone of your talents. Except us, for now. Again, really sorry about that. :/ Also be sure to network like crazy at local events, on social networking sites, and utilize every connection you have to the fullest (college students - talk to your career councillors. It's their job to help you.)

Here's Gamasutra's feature on building a better freelance career. Read up, it's good stuff.

Finally, and most importantly, here are some places to look for work and network!

Gamasutra Jobs - Gamasutra should be a prime shortcut in your browser if you're looking to get into games. They have resources for pretty much everything, including a jobs newsletter somewhere. Be sure to subscribe to it, it covers all aspects of work in the game industry.

Reddit - /r/gameDevClassifieds/, /r/gameDev, /r/IndieGaming, /r/GameAudio, /r/Graphic_Design, /r/forHire (etc, etc - search for your field, it exists!)
Reddit is one huge forum community. Once you register (super easy), you can subscribe to whatever forums interest you most. If you don't Reddit already, start  - it's a fantastic resource. But be careful - it's also a huge time-waster. If you're the responsible sort, unsubscribe from /r/funny, etc.

Craigslist - search for local gigs in your area, but be careful of anything suspicious.

Search All Craiglist Locations At once - great when your searching for web-based gigs for jobs in your field.

gamedevmap - an interactive map showing locations of game development companies around the world.

GameAudio101/Jobs - A good website in general, but this is a link to their jobs page.

 Indie Game Designer forum - The main website ( is also a cool resource for free and cheap game assets.

Wondering if the company you're looking at is any good? Try looking it up in GlassDoor to find out! And yes, they also have job listings.

We hope you find this information useful! And remember, in the future when you're rocking at your dream job and you see someone else struggling to achieve their dreams; pay it forward! Help them reach their goals, and let's keep the cycle going! :)