Bombadeer Studios

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Bombadeer Studios uses a wide variety of plugins and software - from the well-worthwhile expensive investments to the occasional awesome-and-somehow-free audio freeware offered by talented people out there on the web. This page is devoted to them - for not only do they deserve our gratitude and promotion, but these products are all fantastic and you should try them!


SIR 1 Impulse Response Processor  - Awesome tool for creating interesting ambient sounds or unique reverb

Blue Cat's Freeware Plug-ins Pack II  - various basic effects such as chorus/gain/phaser/etc of surprising quality

Quik Quak's UPSTEREO - Sweet stereo enhancer, nice for SFX or music

SimuAnalog Guitar Suite - Collection of VST amplifiers and effects stompboxs


de la Mancha's FMMF - A fun synth which allows for the creation of some really bizarre shapes and sounds

ToneBytes' Bleep - Bleep bloop 8 bit synth!

Sound Magic Piano One - a nice simple piano

SAMPLE LIBRARIES:'s Public Domain Sounds - Odd bits and bobs everyone and anyone can contribute to or download and use

New York Brass's Free Brass Samples - These guys provide an awesome service, and on top of it have a bunch of free brass samples for you!

It's worth noting that we also feel eternally grateful to our loving family, friends, and SO's who have long supported us in our dreams. There are few words that can really capture the immensity of that gratitude, so let us just say: Thank you - to all of you. :)