Bombadeer Studios

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Who are these people?

We, we, we. "We make sounds", "We bake cookies", "Oh god why are we covered in bees". 
Who is this 'we' anyway?



Sound Designer, Musician, VO Director, overall Big Cheese
Liz lives life to the fullest through a complex concoction of creativity, crazy, cookies, and confusion. While she enjoys a wide variety of creative and geeky activities, her true passion is audio, and the unique relationship it has with the interactive medium of video games. 

Liz graduated with honors from the New England Institute of Art with a BS in Audio Media and Technology.


Programmer, IT, overall Head Honcho
A 10 year IT professional with 8 years of programming experience.  Rich first discovered his passion for programming for games when he perfected a computerized banking system for Monopoly on his first TRS-80 Radio Shack computer in the late 1980s. Now he works as a developer for an organic food distribution company and spends his free time using logic to bring artwork to life in games.


What we've been playing:

(While these Steam signature cards are fun, they frequently stop working. Feel free to look up Liz (Space Cheese) or Rich (GreatWenis) on Steam directly if you like!)